vuejs nodejs expressjs socketio mongoDB RestAPI HTML/CSS Javascript sass
A web based real time chat applicatoin with support for multimedia sharing, this web app was developed using Node.JS, expressJS, mongoDB, and socketio for the backend, and vueJS for the frontend, i built this webapp in a short period of time as a challenge. The main functionallities of the app are sending and reciving messages in realtime, joining rooms, creating public rooms, creating private rooms, inviting people to private rooms, sending private messages, sending files, images, and voice messages.
vuejs nodejs expressjs mongoDB RestAPI Bootstrap HTMLCSS Javascript
A web application for real estate listing, it's aim is to connect land owners and real estate owners with potentional customers, normal users can see real estate listings, search, and filter, while agents or landowners can add, modify, and delete listings. This app was built using NodeJS, expressJS, mongoDB, joiJs on the backend, and vueJS, element-vue, vuex, vue-router on the frontend.
HTMLCSS Javascript VueJS Element-Vue Vuex
A web based hex editor, built from scratch with web technology, there is no backend, everything happens in the browser, it allows you to view, create, and edit, and save files. The main advantage of this editor, is that it does not load all the file into your memory, instead, it loads chunks of the file, specifcally, the ones you are editing or viewing, meaning that the app only loads what you see into memory, that being said, it allows loading large files, on low memory devices. The app is built with vueJS